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DogeX Defi Main


Deflationary token with automatic rewards distribution 15% DOGE forever!

DogeX Defi Main

Benefit of Holding DogeX Token

The mechanism of reflection tokens increases the number of ways investors can earn in DeFi as holders can earn rewards on their tokens while using it for staking and other ways of earning passive income.

The yield-generating token distribution process is easy, secure and transparent via the usage of smart contracts. There's no third party person to claim fees as the whole process is automated.

15% of all transactions (buy and sell) are allocated to Holders in DodgeCoin.


Our Super DogeX characters that will be available for purchase OPENSEA NFT MARKET. will be the same as the game in METAVERSE technology with interactivity with the Game Defi protocol.

DogeX Defi

Deflationary token with automatic rewards distribution 15% DOGE forever!

DogeX Defi is a Powerful DOGE Rewards built on the Binance smart chain platform, incorporating a smart contract that yields allocated rewards from each transaction to charities and token holders.

Buying DogeX Defi Is Easy

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Exchange Soon

As the DogeX project grows, a part of our efforts and resources will be allocated to listings on centralized exchanges. This type of engagement aims to reinforce and increase daily Token transactions and will create a more solid financial system. According to our Roadmap these will be the exchanges that will be on our schedule.


Our Goal

10k Telegram
10k Twitter
Poocoin Ads
Coinzilla Ads
Metaverse NFT
Asian Exchange
Meta Game

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MetaVerse Concept
It's a combination of multiple elements of technology, including virtual reality, augmented reality and video where users "live" within a digital universe. Supporters of the metaverse envision its users working, playing and staying connected with friends through everything from concerts and conferences to virtual trips around to the world.
What is REFLECTION in smart contract?
Reflection tokens are cryptocurrencies that reward holders by employing a mechanism in which transactions are taxed and percentage of the tax charged is redistributed to holders of the token.
What are the benefits of holding DogeX
By purchasing and holding DogeX Token, holders are eligible to receive passive income in DogeCoin, a coin that was once a MEME but has become one of the most promising projects. With its own blockchain it is embraced by Elon Musk, a tech genius, and it can now be used for purchases at TESLA!

Track your earnings using our DASHBOARD
Our Dashboard allows you to track your DogeCoin earnings and total value of your DogeX on the Bscscan platform in real time.

Our Vision

The metaverse is a concept of an online, 3D, virtual space connecting users in all aspects of their lives. It would connect multiple platforms, similar to the internet containing different websites accessible through a single browser. Besides supporting gaming or social media, the metaverse will combine economies, digital identity, decentralized governance, and other applications. Even today, user creation and ownership of valuable items and currencies help develop a single, united metaverse. All these features provide blockchain the potential to power this future technology.


100,000,000 DOGEX Tokens Total Supply
GameNFT Metaverse
  • 14% Whitelist
  • 14% For the maintenance, development of GameNFT Metaverse and liquidity for the staking platform
  • 12% Is split with our team members
  • 60% DOGEX Tokens for Sale at Launch
  • 19% Sell/Buy Tax
  • (15% of the entire traded volume is distributed to all our holders as reward in DogeCoin hourly)
  • (4% Marketing Wallet)
  • 2000 minimum tokens in order to receive dividends
Rewards and Marketing
  • 15% of all transactions are used to pay DOGECOIN dividends to all DOGEX Holders. 4% Marketing - Our portfolio is 100% targeted to promote DogeXverse through data traffic 24hs per day on all types of Ads such as Youtube influencers, Instagram, Twiter, Coinzilla, Poocoin, Yahoo and more than 100 websites in the crypto market.

What we’ve achieved, with more to come